S2Li provides a full range of solid waste services for a growing number of satisfied clients.

No assignment is too small to earn our full attention, or too large for the successful,
on-time delivery of a quality work product. more

S2Li is a rapidly growing solid waste engineering firm whose expertise and experience overshadow that of much larger firms, and whose responsiveness is second to none.

The firm’s expertise in the implementation and operation of solid waste facilities reflects decades of activity by our senior staff in the preparation of workable and constructible designs, participation in the research behind the designs, the planning that leads into design efforts, and the development of regulations setting the minimum standards met or exceeded by each design.

Expertise is all the more attractive when delivered on-time, and even more attractive when delivered ahead of schedule and within budgetary constraints. S2Li understands that responsiveness and cost-effectiveness are cornerstones of client service and spares no effort in meeting its schedule and budgetary commitments.

S2Li – Your source for in-depth, pragmatic solid waste expertise.