S2L, Incorporated (S2Li), with offices in Maitland, Florida, and Woodstock, Georgia, is an engineering consulting firm specializing in solid waste management and related disciplines. It differs from others in the industry through its unparalleled commitment to client service. S2Li is staffed by the industry’s best, whose rewards are predicated on meeting client needs.

florida solid waste facility
Samuel B. Levin, P.E.

S2Li serves many clients where growing privatization initiatives, coupled with a trend toward utilization of regional landfills, are generating the need for engineering services. Established in April, 1997, S2Li is growing rapidly by providing its clients with responsiveness and an outstanding level of service through the application of cutting-edge technology, in-depth knowledge of the regulatory process, agency relationships, and broad expertise concerning solid waste-specific issues.

Omar E. Smith, P.E.
Vice President/Regional Manager

Solid waste consulting services are available from numerous firms across the globe. S2Li’s approach to providing these services differs from the mainstream. S2Li’s approach is summarized in its motto, “Do it right! Do it right now!!”

S2Li is structured and focused to serve clients who require immediate service. The firm is staffed with the best talent in the industry, and equipped with the tools and experience to get the job done right the first time.

Robert E. Mackey, P.E.
Vice President/Senior Engineer

S2Li provides its clients with expertise to meet any and all solid waste and associated needs. While other firms may simply provide solid waste services, S2Li takes ownership of its client's needs, not resting until these needs are satisfied.

Responsive service to its clients is a priority at S2Li. S2Li’s satisfaction is derived from the satisfaction of its clients. back to top