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Services Rendered

  • Evaluation of Expansion Alternatives
  • Review of Alternative Liner System Components
  • Master Planning
  • Preliminary Design
  • Partial Closure Services
  • Landfill Gas Services

The Central Disposal Facility (CDF) anchors Brevard County’s solid waste management system, providing Class I and Class III disposal capacity in addition to numerous ancillary solid waste facility operations. S2Li has served as engineer of record for numerous assignments at this site, including:

  • preparation of preliminary design, liner, and leachate collection system assessment for the southern expansion area;
  • preparation of conceptual site development plans;
  • development of RFQ/RFP documents for privatized landfill gas recovery and utilization;
  • Title V compliance services including negotiations with USEPA and FDEP;
  • landfill gas collection system remediation;
  • landfill gas collection system expansion permitting, design, and construction services;
  • development of a startup, shutdown and malfunction (SSM) plan for the landfill gas system;
  • partial landfill closure permitting, design, and construction services.

As a result of the County’s good planning and foresight, CDF will continue to provide Brevard County with environmentally sound processing and disposal capacity for the coming 30-year period.