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  • Landfill gas collection and flaring operation, repair and regulatory compliance services
  • Hydrogeological services
  • Closed landfill stabilization assessments and closure permitting
  • Regulatory negotiations to reduce excessive permitted special conditions

S2Li served as subconsultant to Nassau County’s prime consultant for all services provided to the County from 1999 until 2014, at which time the County selected S2Li as its prime consultant.. S2Li assumed operation and maintenance of the West Nassau Landfill’s landfill gas collection and flaring system, including Title V permitting and reporting responsibilities, and has assisted in the repermitting and post-closure maintenance/permit compliance of the closed Class I Bryceville and Lofton Creek sites, in addition to performing those same duties at the West Nassau Class I Landfill. In addition to stabilization assessments, S2Li annually prepared post-closure financial assurance estimates, and has significantly reduced post-closure care requirements among the County’s sites, including significant reductions in water quality monitoring and post closure care requirements. Services have also included repairs to the leachate storage system, replacement of the compressor that evacuates landfill gas condensate from the West Nassau Landfill, and replacement of multiple landfill gas extraction wells and wellheads.