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Services Rendered

  • Conceptual Design for Landfill Expansion
  • Partial closure permitting, design, services during construction
  • Landfill gas collection system expansion, and procurement of a landfill gas to energy vendor
  • Examination of solid waste facilities versus needs on a County-wide basis
  • Third Party Design Reviews
  • Planning and permitting of a new, 3,000-acre solid waste facility

S2Li has served Brevard County as one of its solid waste consultants since 1999. Initial services included performance of a third party review of the design of the Melbourne Transfer Facility, where S2Li’s suggestions enabled the County to reconfigure and expand floor space, valued at about $1,000,000, at no additional cost to the County. Next, S2Li turned its attention to the County’s Central Disposal Facility, preparing a conceptual southern expansion of the disposal area, designing and implementing partial closures, expanding the landfill gas collection system, and assisting in the procurement of a landfill gas to energy vendor, and performing a third party review of the design for expanding the central disposal facility to the south. S2Li also performed a needs assessment, the purpose of which was to ensure that all County residents had reasonable access to the many County solid waste management facilities, and to evaluate the need for additional transfer facilities.

S2Li is now assisting the County in the permitting, planning and future development of the US 192 site, a 3,000-acre greenfield cattle pasture to be developed into a solid waste management facility to replace the Central Disposal Facility and the Sarno Road Class III Landfill as these sites achieve capacity.