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Services Rendered

  • Local and State Permitting
  • Facility Design
  • Construction Services

A private client selected S2Li and subconsultant Hornsby & Associates to provide local and State of Florida permitting, design, and construction services for its 3000 tons per day, three bay, top load transfer station in downtown Orlando, Florida.

As zoning was to be a significant issue, the facility was designed to minimize impact to the surrounding community. Landscaping and visual buffering concepts proved essential in zoning decisions, and were made an integral component of the design.

Permitting through State-level agencies was non-controversial, and approval was received in less time than allotted to the state agencies for review. Local permitting efforts proved much more challenging, as the City had endured prior negative experience with transfer facilities, and was reluctant to approve any facility that did not address each and every concern. In an exhaustive process, each issue was resolved, often at multiple levels within the City, until approval was granted to begin construction.

Overall facility implementation costs were well below those for facilities offering comparable processing capacities nationwide, despite the additional expenses associated with extensive landscaping and buffering activities.