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Mr. Saraf has served as Senior Engineer in preparing permit applications, estimating air space volumes, and compiling cost estimates for solid waste management facilities. For Lake County, he is serving as Senior Engineer for the closure of its Phase III ash cell, and renewal of the operations permit for the Phase III MSW cell. This highly complex project includes the implementation of an interim closure of the Phase III ash cell for an 18-month period, with the design of this interim closure the subject of negotiations with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). As part of this permitting process, a reduction is being sought in the number of water quality monitoring wells (65) currently utilized within the site-wide water quality monitoring program. He previously served as senior engineer in the repermitting of the C&D disposal facility located within the same site.  In addition to the services noted, he served as Senior Engineer for the permit renewals for the closed Astatula I Landfill, Lady Lake Landfill, and Loghouse Landfill.

He is serving as Senior Engineer in the permitting of a 3,000-acre solid waste facility in south Brevard County. The site includes both Class I and Class III cells, and a multi-use area for other on-site solid waste management operations.

He has performed field observation and other construction services for landfill gas system remediation and expansion in Brevard and Seminole Counties. Services included observation of field activities, holding of progress meetings, shop drawing review, review of payment requests, and client interface.

He served as Senior Engineer for the permitting, design, and construction services for multiple Class I landfill cells for a private regional facility operated within Polk County, and a privately owned transfer station and materials recovery facility also located within Polk County. For the landfill, this has meant multiple construction iterations, as a new cell has been constructed annually. For the transfer facility, this had involved numerous permit modifications between permit renewal intervals.

He is serving as Task Manager for preparation of the Title V permit renewal for Volusia County’s Tomoka Farms Road Landfill. He manages semi-annual and annual emissions-related reporting for Osceola, Lake and Volusia Counties.

He served as Senior Engineer for the permit renewals for Osceola County’s closed Southport Landfill and is also serving as Senior Engineer for S2Li’s operations and maintenance of active landfill gas collection and flaring systems for Nassau and Osceola Counties. He has served as Senior Engineer for repermitting of Seminole County’s Osceola Road Landfill on two occasions.

For longtime S2Li client Flagler CDS, Mr. Saraf has served as Senior Engineer for multiple permitting and permit modification projects. The site includes a massive adjacent landclearing debris pile that is gradually being processed for sale as a soil amendment and plant bedding. He has provided similar services for the Sandhill C&D Recycle Facility located in Nassau County, Florida.