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Landfill Services

Nassau County, Florida
  • Landfill gas collection and flaring operation, repair and regulatory compliance services
  • Hydrogeological services
  • Closed landfill stabilization assessments and closure permitting
  • Regulatory negotiations to reduce excessive permitted special conditions
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Multifaceted Solid Waste Services

Brevard County, Florida
Services Rendered
  • Conceptual Design for Landfill Expansion
  • Partial closure permitting, design, services during construction
  • Landfill gas collection system expansion, and procurement of a landfill gas to energy vendor
  • Examination of solid waste facilities versus needs on a County-wide basis
  • Third Party Design Reviews
  • Planning and permitting of a new, 3,000-acre solid waste facility
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Solid Waste Services

Marion County, Florida
Services Rendered
  • Solid Waste Management Planning
  • Contamination Assessment Services for the Newton Landfill
  • Development of a Citizens Convenience Center over the closed Newton Landfill
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Solid Waste Services

Orange County, Florida
Services Rendered
  • Transfer Station Rehabilitation Services
  • Class III Landfill Services
  • Third Party Design Review
  • Maintenance Facility Flooring and Parking Area Repairs
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Solid Waste Services

Volusia County, Florida
Services Rendered
  • Amendment of Specific Permit Conditions
  • On-Site Leachate Treatment Plant Implementation
  • Planning Services
  • Solid Waste and Air Permit Compliance and Renewal Services
  • Citizens Drop-off Center
  • Elevated Temperature Study
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Osceola Road Landfill Engineer of Record Services

Seminole County, Florida
Services Rendered
  • Site master planning
  • Site permitting and repermitting
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Construction assistance
  • Landfill gas and leachate management assessments
  • Annual closure/post closure updates
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Leon County Transfer Facility

Leon County, Florida
Services Rendered
  • Site permitting, including overcoming multiple regulatory and legal challenges to permit issuance
  • Presentations to the Board of County Commissioners
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Facility design (in association with JRA Architects and Hornsby & Associates, Inc.)
  • Separate design/procurement of scales
  • Third party review services
  • Selected construction observation services
  • Assistance with startup/operation
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