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Services Rendered

  • Site permitting, including overcoming multiple regulatory and legal challenges to permit issuance
  • Presentations to the Board of County Commissioners
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Facility design (in association with JRA Architects and Hornsby & Associates, Inc.)
  • Separate design/procurement of scales
  • Third party review services
  • Selected construction observation services
  • Assistance with startup/operation

S2Li was selected by Leon County to assist in the development of a 600 ton per day transfer station. S2Li provided technical support, permit preparation, expert witness testimony, design review assistance, limited construction services assistance, and startup/operational assistance to the County. The facility became operational in 2003.

S2Li assisted Leon County with addressing concerns related to the site’s location and potential impact on the surrounding community. The building structure was situated to take advantage of topographical changes that enhanced visual screening opportunities. Landscape berms were also strategically located to enhance visual buffering.

Scales were positioned so as to keep traffic from cueing onto surrounding roadways. Rigorous operational approaches were developed to address odor concerns, including removal of all waste from the floor on a daily basis, nightly washing of the tipping floor, and a commitment not to park loaded vehicles outdoors overnight.

To best control litter, the County elected to utilize the two compactors, which are less subject to entraining waste in air, in comparison to vehicles that are loaded using the open top approach. However, the ability to utilize open top methods in two bays was provided, allowing for contingency operations when either of the compactors was out of service, or for instances when waste flow far exceeded expectations on a limited basis.