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Services Rendered

  • Permitting, Design, Expert Witness Services, Services during Construction, Compliance Assistance

The project site had previously been permitted as a Class III Landfill, and S2Li was first tasked with amending the permit to allow for the acceptance of Class I waste. Site permitting was particularly challenging, as neighbors indicated their intention of challenging permit issuance. The permit issuance was indeed challenged, and S2Li assisted the client in prevailing through the administrative hearing process. S2Li has since assisted in the implementation of lined cells at the rate of about one cell every 15 months, providing both design and construction assistance services. Included within these services has been the continual expansion of storm water management facilities commensurate with new cell development, and the development of visual aids to assist in the understanding of impacts associated with vertical expansion of the disposal area. S2Li also assisted in the relocation of scale facilities, in expansion of leachate storage facilities, in negotiations with the local utility responsible for the treatment of leachate generated on-site, in the repair of the bottom liner system that was damaged during operations, and in the development of capital improvements estimates on an annual basis.