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Services Rendered

  • Transfer Station Rehabilitation Services
  • Class III Landfill Services
  • Third Party Design Review
  • Maintenance Facility Flooring and Parking Area Repairs

S2Li has served Orange County as one of its solid waste consultants since 2003. The County owns/operates two solid waste transfer stations for the convenience of its residents, in addition to a Class I and Class III Landfill at the County’s Young Pine Road site. S2Li has provided services at each of these facilities.

For the Class I landfill, S2Li’s services have been limited. Once, when advertising for a partial closure, only one bid was received, and the bid was twice the engineer’s estimate. S2Li performed a third party review, and the project rebid with S2Li’s suggested improvements, resulting in a $9,000,000 savings to the County. S2Li was also asked to provide permitting, design, and constructions services for retrofitting the landfill’s leachate collection system with additional cleanouts.

S2Li’s services for the Class III Landfill have been extensive, and have included permitting and design of in excess of a century of capacity, with the landfill sitting over a previously closed Class I landfill. S2Li has also provided partial closure services, including the permitting, design and construction assistance for the lined capping and extension of the landfill gas collection and flaring system over the closed portions of the Class III landfill.

The County’s McLeod Road and Porter Transfer facilities have both been used well past the time for replacement, and S2Li has assisted the County in the implementation of multiple repairs to the flooring, push walls and metal framework at each facility to extend facility life. Noteworthy is the flooring repair performed at the McLeod Road facility, where differing toppings were installed side by side to evaluate wear experienced by each.